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Drōv ID+

Case is not included

  • Bleeds off over inflation to a set psi automatically

  • Roadside repairs avoided by system that inflates automatically due to minor leak or puncture. Major damage alerts driver

  • Maintains optimal tire pressure, despite fluctuations in load weight, temperature, altitude, etc.

  • Equalizes each dual tire pair air pressures

  • Compatible with ALL component suppliers and OEMs

  • Can be retrofitted to existing trailers

  • Market-leading precision

  • CARB GHG 2020 compliant

  • 5-year limited emissions warranty

  • Proper tire inflation delivers an est. savings of 1¢ per mile for truck mileage. With typical profits at 5¢ per mile, correct psi bumps the bottom line roughly 10%

  • Increased fuel efficiency

  • Chance of costly roadside repair diminished with properly inflated tires

  • Safety is enhanced when tires are properly inflated, protecting your team, fleet, and loads

  • Optimal tire inflation improves tire wear up to 30%—saving yet another estimated 1¢ per mile and maximizing tire-casing life and retreading potential

  • Correct inflation enables the use of wide-based tires, again doubling the related fuel-savings margins

The Drōv ID+ system component list

  • A pneumatic control box

  • A pressure protection valve for the supply air tank

  • 2 Rotary Unions (for each axle)

  • 2 Axle plugs (for each axle)

  • 2 inner “Dynamic” tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)

  • 2 outer “Dynamic” tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)

  • OR 2 tire hoses (for each axle with wide based tires)

  • Air tubing, wiring and warning light