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About Us

Drōv is a pioneer in the smart truck and trailer movement. We deliver future-facing, durable, precise systems that enhance client profitability and safety. We strive to lead the market with dynamic tire inflation systems connected to sensor-driven commercial vehicles.

At Drōv, we believe that bringing step-change innovation to the commercial vehicle industry will help create safer roads for trucks, people and the planet.  Drōv makes important new interventions to old problems with the development of patented on-vehicle components, connected vehicle technologies and advanced analytics.

Drōv's first releases—the SI and ID+ tire pressure management systems—create value for clients via measurable improvements in fleet asset utilization, realization of fuel efficiency gains, achievement of tire wear extension goals and compliance towards greenhouse gas emission reduction standards.

Drōv is also developing innovative solutions that will enable commercial vehicles to leverage embedded sensor technologies that engage Drōv's on-vehicle hardware to take real-time corrective actions as well as record, communicate and analyze critical vehicle operating data to assist fleet operators and original equipment providers enhance their decision-making effectiveness.